I’am I congruent with my work and life?

work life balance

Off late I kept wondering why these getaway hotels, resorts, spas & adventure trip planners catching so much heed and minting moolah?! why would anybody spend dollars on going to the outskirt of the city and swipe for slumber?! Why would coffee at an exclusive lounge be hotter than the regular sunrise at home?! They say, the only way to know is to “do” which is to keep our scampering feet in the world of the corporate ball game, this way you do the “do”. The commencement of the strive for competition, growth, recognition, money & tracing one’s own path towards his thought out pinnacle of Success.

But, in between all this where did the “time” for myself get suppressed. Yes, we are pondering on the work life balance aspect of our lives today. The wiki definition of WLB is: having enough time for work and enough to have a life, thus the work life balance. However, it does not mean quantifying and equalizing the numbers of hours for both. The aim is to bulls-eye the daily achievement and enjoyment quota which is unquestionably different for different individuals, I ‘am single, you are married, he has kids, she has a family business too, we all have different lives and priorities to be able to chuck out a ‘One fits all’ formula for WLB. Being aware of one’s desired accomplishments is something that’s common to all they are mostly the mentioned goals above, I ‘am personally more intended in throwing some light on the better half which is life and balancing that.

Scientifically proven happiness is not something which comes with stature and the number of zeros in your income , it is the sense of satisfaction and completeness that drives our joy hormones. So, the question here is how do we feel it? But, before that the concern is to find out…do we feel it?? When was the last time you danced fearless, stepped out of home not with task in mind but just for a casual stroll, reinvented the favorite hobby from school? If the answer is I don’t remember then I guess we all have some serious see saw balancing to do. It is imperative to have some objectives outside our workplaces exactly the way we have in there, eg : I want to learn photography in next 40 days congruence I have to close 5 deals in this quarter. It can be as simple as redoing your bedroom, making a handmade card, learning how to cook your wives favorite dish. Make a bucket list of “I like doing” in “next 3 months”!! and go do it!

Famous author Jeff Davidson enumerated Six components of WLB: Self-Management , Time Management , Stress Management , Change Management , Technology Management & Leisure Management. Fine tuning these a little left n right we sure can hit the balance, consequently being wise enough to choose an organization which helps you see-saw jack n jolly is an integral and prime part of the process. Having said that I guess me and my fellas here are wise enough.

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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