How-to: Weekly Review Your Inside Sales Team

By Neil Smith

If you happen to manage an inside sales team, you more often than not interact with your team on a daily basis. However performance evaluation and review is something that you might still do one to one on a weekly basis. It’s then quite a challenge to consolidate a week’s worth of motivation, guidance and evaluation into one interaction lasting a few minutes.

So we present to you a tentative sales review template you can mould for your organization. Remember your aim is to be as metric-driven as possible with a focus on resolving contentious issues if any.

Review the leads

  • Lead volumes and follow-up status – lookout for any untouched leads. Also focus on any leads that are marked as active but haven’t been touched upon in a while
  • Lead status – focus on identifying leads that are close to becoming opportunities
  • Overall lead disposition – identify leads that aren’t moving forward and question why? Quantify the lead to opportunity objections and roadblocks encountered by the reps

Review the opportunity pipeline

  • Closed won vs. quota, month to date analysis
  • A review of the pipeline volume especially with regards to the current quarter close date
  • Identify any roadblocks or challenges – why aren’t some deals going through, how do we grow the pipeline, can we pull in a deal scheduled for future quarter into the current one?

Review of activities

  • Review metrics like dials, talk times, last week actual vs. goals
  • Discuss road blocks if any that are hampering reps from hitting set activity goals. Are there any tools or resources that would make attainment of these goals easier?


  • What stops you from selling more?
  • Any support you feel you need to close more business

Such structured meetings will ensure that you don’t miss out on anything important within a brief span that you have available. We have generally seen such meetings last around (7+7+6+5) 25 minutes on an average. We hope the same timeline works for you too.

Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.


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