How to Leave an Effective Voicemail

By Neil Smith

Inside sales is one of our key offerings as a company. Or sales reps more often than not end up calling C-suite individuals a lot over course of their deliverables for our clients. And there are times when they end up leaving voicemails. Expecting a call back from such clientele is in itself an unfavorable preposition. However over a period of time we have come to realize that not all voicemail messages are born equal. Some more than the others have a knack of getting a callback.

Let’s start with the basics; the tone of your message is one of the first things a listener would notice.  Try and sound busy like you are onto other exciting things. The idea behind this is that the receiver should feel that you haven’t just called them as part of prospecting, that there was certain urgency to your call. You had something pressing to talk about!

Maintain a steady tone of voice – C-level executives are quick to move on from a voicemail within seconds of hearing them irrespective of what it says. A direct and brief voicemail without the use of flowery language has a better chance of engaging the curiosity of a VP level individual. He may for a second even consider how he can help you as a peer rather than treating the voicemail as one of the numerous left by cold calling sales reps

Don’t ask questions instead set agendas – always remember the purpose of your voicemail isn’t to explain in detail anything in particular, it is to get the recipient to call you back.  Asking questions often leads to them categorizing your call in its earlier stages and hence might deter them from calling you back. So it works better if your voicemail just sets a rough agenda for the call and asks them to call you back

Weed out any kind of uncertainty from your voicemail – while leaving a voicemail never guess or think, always know. A conversation would give you an opportunity to guess so on a voicemail always mention what you are sure of

Tone down the aggression – there is a fine line between being direct and being rude. You need to sound prompt, brief and professional while leaving a voicemail and not annoyed since the prospect didn’t pick up. This is again something people can make out by the tone of your voice

A strong ending is a must – your prospects especially the ones at high places are really busy people. Just asking them to call you back when they have time will make you one amongst the hundreds of people who might have asked for the same favor on any given day. This leads to your voicemail going unanswered. Saying that call back as soon as you get the message however shows urgency and might tempt your prospects into calling you back

We are quite sure we might have missed some of the voicemail must dos that would have worked for you. So feel free to share them with us via comments below.

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