How to deal with rejection

Rejection in sales is all so common, it has almost reached the level of acceptance. Of course, not everyone is looking for the product / service you are offering. But a careful analysis of the rejection will help you avoid future instances of the same.


Firstly, a “no” is never just a “no”. As Zig Zagler once said, “Every sales has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” After a rejection, you need to probe more into it. Without getting too emotional about the rejection, develop a feedback form, or talk to your prospect to find more about the reason for this rejection. If the prospect feels that there is no need for your offering, find out ways to prove to him how your product / service will definitely help him in his business. Apart from “money”, all other issues are solvable.

Secondly, have a close look at your pitches. If you are getting rejected a lot, there is a possibility that your pitches are coming short. Either your pitches are way off from what the prospect is looking for, or it didn’t develop enough confidence for your offering. Just like the last solution, an honest conversation with your prospect will help you in this. Like Jack Canfield, ask your prospects, “Was my proposal a 10? If not, what would it take to make it a 10 for you?”

Finally, understand that a “no” is not synonymous with “the end”. A “no” is a decision taken at a particular moment of time, in light of certain business scenarios. There is absolutely NO reason for things NOT to change over time. Maintain a steady relationship with your prospects. Send them monthly resourceful emailers. Stay on their radar, gather their trust. Once they are ready for a product / service you are offering, you will hear a defining “yes”.

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