How to Create an Effective Sales Slideshow

When it comes to making a presentation, PowerPoint is by far the tool of choice for professionals from around the world. However, despite the functionality and flexibility that PowerPoint allows, there are a few aspects of the presentation which must be carefully analyzed to ensure an effective sales picth.

The Wording

The wording on the slides should be minimal. Absolutely NO full sentences should be visible on the presentation and bullet points should be limited to just a few buzz words. After all, you want people to be focused on you and what you have to say, not words which you have written. Worst: Our team provides sales solutions which will help you increase productivity and reduce costs by 15%. Average: Sales Solutions that Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs. Better: Results: Increased Productivity and Lower Costs. Best: Just a picture

The Animations

PowerPoint animations can be effective: in moderation. Avoid bullet points which fly in, loop in, fade in, circle in, or appear in any distracting way. Animations should be reserved for charts/visual cues used in the presentation.


The design of your presentation should be simple and place and emphasis on the content. Avoid a fancy banner, colorful background, or random decorations in the corner of the slide. A solid color contrast between the text and the background (ex. Black/White) is important to have your content stand out. Avoid putting too many items on a slide so that it is easy to read and does not appear clutter.

It is also a good idea to have your logo on each slide simply to reinforce your brand.

The Agenda Slide

Every PowerPoint presentation should start with an Agenda slide which lists the topics you are going to discuss in the presentation. This agenda slide will serve as an outline for both you (helping you stay organized) and the person you are presenting to (helping them follow along).

The Contact/Questions Slide

The end of every effective presentation rmemebers to include a contact slide (especially important if presenting in front of a large audience at an event such as a tradeshow so people will know how to get in touch) and a Questions and Answers slide so people who are interested can feel comfortable asking any questions that they may have.

The Handouts

This is for presenting to smaller groups of individuals. While we have made it clear that overloading slides with information is not a good idea, interested parties will want detailed information before making a purchase decision. Hence, it is a good idea to create handouts with information that just wouldn’t fit effectively onto a slide and give these to the people you are presenting to.

The handouts will be a visual reminder of all the information you wish to communicate verbally in the presentation.

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