How Chat can Be Used to Drive Sales

The biggest sacrifice in driving sales on the online or mobile platforms is that you lose the direct personal connection with the lead which you would have if making the sale face-to-face. Hence, a crucially important strategy for any digital sales plan is to how regain, if only partially, this personal connection.

Chat has emerged as the tool of choice for many sales teams. It allows companies to engage personally with potential customers in real time as they browse around a corporate website. While the cost of developing a chat client for a corporate website was once a daunting task, there are now a number of service providers who sell turnkey chat solutions at affordable prices as well as a number of free programs such as Volusion.

After setting up a chat client, the difficult part becomes effectively using this new tool. While chat can help solve customer problems and drive sales, it can be a bit of a “pushy sales” tactic and customers can be dissuaded from continuing to browse your corporate website if a chat pop-up window suddenly appears. Instead, a better approach is to make it visible in your home page and products/services as well as contact pages that you have sales experts available immediately for live chat support. Reminding customers that a sales expert is waiting for them if they have any questions and can get realtime feedback provides a greater incentive for potential customers to make an inquiry.

The next challenge comes with developing a team to man these chat channels. It can be costly and an inefficient use of your resources to use existing staff members to only deal with customer chat support requests as these requests can come sporadically at anytime of the day, especially for businesses with an international focus that have customers in varying time zones.

Hence, while businesses have experimented with a number of different possible solutions, outsourcing has emerged as the one experiment which has had the best results. As familiarity with Western English becomes more prevalent in developing countries, businesses of all sizes have turned to hiring outsourced sales teams to serve as their chat support.

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