Growing Trend of Inside Sales

By Neil Smith

Over the last few years, the number of jobs in Inside Sales has increased quite dramatically. A new research shows that there would be around 800,000 jobs over the next three years in Inside Sales! There are B2B companies making Inside Sales their priority as we speak. There are some inherent factors that make companies turn to Inside Sales. It always makes sense for companies to associate with selling practices that make use of the latest technology avenues like email marketing, social media etc, to interact with their customers. Also, if efforts like video conferencing can reduce the efforts of meeting people on the field, it becomes a preferred method of interaction.

Companies prefer a mix and match of both field and Inside Sales, when it comes to their sales model. Some factors that are used to determine the ratio between different avenues of selling are as mentioned below.

  • By different market segments – Usage of Inside Sales for the entire sales process in small-to-medium-sized businesses and the usage of field sales to manage large accounts with complex processes
  • By different zones of engaging with the client – Usage of Inside Sales to boost field sales activities in large accounts, especially those that are early in the sales process (e.g. lead generation) or late in the sales process (e.g. repeat customers).  Rely on field sales for tasks that benefit from a personalized approach
  • By geographic location – Usage of Inside Sales to reach non-strategic accounts in remote areas and rely on field sales to cover accounts in more busy and metropolitan areas

Research shows that there are some very valid reasons as to why more companies are switching over to Inside Sales. These range from:

  • Reduction in cost-per-contact
  • Increased number of contacts per day
  • Increased revenues in accounts
  • Faster TATs for customers
  • Flexibility in scaling up the size of inside sales teams without relocation of salespeople
  • Better education and nurturing for inside sales people, who share a working location with their manager, which effectively results in shorter ramp-up time and more productivity

The trend in recent times is to minimize the usage of field sales reps, as customers no longer want just information passed over through a meeting in person. They expect a more creative approach that could solve problems. Inside Sales provides a very smart approach to manage time and get the right solution in place with effective consultation.

What do you think are the benefits a company could reap from their Inside Sales Team? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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