Generating B2B Leads Using Email Marketing

b2b-emailEmail and newsletters are one of the most successful ways of capturing prospect attention and creating a qualified funnel of leads. The is more than ever highlighted by the 2013 B2B lead generation report wherein respondents  cited mailers and emails as the second most effective lead generation tool.


b2b lead gen tools

In spite of being of such prime importance when it comes to lead generation, b2b email marketing is a field often shrouded in confusion, jargon and complexity. Here’s what you really need to know!

A lead magnet is of prime importance

Putting statistics first in the same report respondents felt that the most important factor in b2b email success is focused content at each stage of the buying process.

b2b email tacticsGuess what? They aren’t wrong! You need a lead magnet: an attractive offer for your customers and subscribers.

Consider a small example. Approach 1: Sign up for our list. Approach 2: download this webinar. Which one of these approaches do you find more lucrative? The difference is the first highlights what your customer can offer to you, the second what you can offer to your customer.

We suggest you build your lead magnet in form of either a:

  • Whitepaper
  • Video Tutorial
  • EBook
  • Virtual event/ webinar

 Just remember to keep your customer at the center of your content, try solving a problem. Such an approach helps create trust which over time results in sales

Invest in the right tools

We can’t highlight enough how important it is to cater to hot leads. You need the right tools to be able to do this. This is where a good email marketing tool comes in. It should allow you to build and sort lists, enable receivers to opt in and out, provide you with live open and click information etc. A couple of popular solutions include mailchimp and campaign monitor.

lead response times are key in a b2b scenario

Be regular

You need to maintain regular contact with your subscribers. Offering them quality content at regular frequency will help nurture your relationship further and help you convert them into solid leads once they are ready to purchase.  A bi monthly newsletter with a content magnet is something that generally works well for b2b companies

Ask for the purchase

Let’s say you have built trust with your prospects through multiple contacts and now it’s time to close. Give them a chance to buy your product now! Don’t forget you are actually doing lead generation.

Happy mailing!


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