Five Habits of Highly Effective Inside Sales Reps

By Neil Smith

Inside sales is not easy and it takes a lot of drive, belief, skill set and a special type of personality to succeed in it. Companies are often built on the success of their sales teams. So what are the common habits (if any) that define successful inside sales reps, the ones who do the hardest job of them all – the ones who cold call!

Know your numbers – for an outside sales rep calling on say like 5 – 10 prospects might constitute a busy day, however for an inside sales rep this number would lie in 100’s. In such a high call volumes scenario it become even more imperative to track you conversion rates. Good sales reps track the number of calls it takes them to get connects, best time of the day to call and the talking points that generate interest. This helps them optimize their efforts; with inside sales it becomes easier to track key metrics and a good rep utilizes this to the hilt

Respect the process – the best inside sales reps have a deep understanding of their company’s sales cycle and are able to highlight on any given occasion where a prospect is in their journey towards sales closure. They also understand the tactics required to keep prospects moving ahead in the process. This ability to follow sales processes helps them quantify and pin point their efforts at all times

Multitask – good inside sales reps love multitasking and utilize it well. Some of the best sales reps in our premises can be seen talking to prospects on their headset and browsing through the CRM to find relevant profile information at the same time. In inside sales situations can change swiftly and there is a continuous inflow and outflow of leads, thus having an ability to juggle around tasks is vital

Collaborate with marketing – your marketing team can provide you important resources to add to your arsenal, good inside sales reps recognize this. Superior and relevant content delivered in form of case studies and emails etc greatly helps move leads through the sales funnel or when nurturing them.  Sales reps that are in sync with their marketing teams would always have a good supply of content

 Motivation – lastly none of the above matters if one lacks motivation! The best sales reps log in each day with a strong determination to improve their numbers and fulfill their quota

Sales is one of the toughest divisions in an organization. With right habits any inside sales rep can generate great results. Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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