Five B2B Demand Generation Tips

Demand generation is always critical to your business bottom line. A successful b2b demand generation program requires meticulous planning, proper execution and a suitable process to measure results. Here are a few tried and tested tips from our marketing team on how to do so.

Your team matters – the quality of your team would ultimately define the quality of your demand generation efforts. Without a good team in place even the best marketing automation tools would not be of much help. You need a good team to implement your demand generation program properly

Better coordination between sales and marketing – these teams should always complement each other and help you secure better qualified leads. It’s very important to have clear definitions of the purchase funnel stages and what attributes define a lead in each stage. Once this is setup you should look towards establishing mutually agreeable metrics. A good practice would be to integrate your CRM and Marketing Automation tool

Always focus on your customer’s pain areas – use forms, conversations with your sales teams and insights from social media to learn about your customer’s pain areas. Once you understand them position your offerings around them

Use content to enforce thought leadership – as a general rule people trust you more if they believe you know what you are doing. Use content like videos, infographics and blogs etc. to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field

Don’t forget to nurture your leads through the funnel – not everyone would be at the same point in their purchase journey when you reach out to them. Thus it becomes very important to keep prospects engaged and educated basis their needs. You should know what information they want and how they want it

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