First day at AAyuja!

Finally the day arrived! My first real job… Nervousness and excitement took over my mind and thought process. My hands turned cold as I stood in front of so many people in a conference room to introduce myself. And to make matters worse, there was a question and answer round!

At first, I was clueless as to what to speak about. Little did I know that the employees of AAyuja would make me feel at home on my very first day at work.

There were three questions thrown at me consecutively by three people of my choosing – who I idolize, a unique habit and one food item I would find difficult to quit. That wasn’t too tough!

While I was talking, I couldn’t help but notice all the vivid facial expressions as I spoke about my hobbies and my obsessions. People were smiling, grinning, whispering while a few others looked astonished and amazed.

As I sat at my cubicle, I wondered how I could get to know some of my colleagues. I walked around asking people their names and so on. I was filled with excitement as I received a box of chocolates later in the day which was a welcome present from the company. The chocolates disappeared in 10 minutes flat! What can I say? I can’t hide my love for chocolates!

Dinner time rolled around and my buddy at work took me to the roof. It was a massive open area with a shed. In the corner I spotted a delicious buffet! I filled my plate with as much as I could. As the aroma hit me, my hunger went up by a few notches.

I always wanted to work in an environment full of positive energy where learning seems effortless. I am surrounded by sales people and I know there is a lot that I can pick up from them. It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I know there is an ocean of knowledge to be explored.

I am full of enthusiasm and motivation to come back everyday and have a kick start to my first ever “Real Job”.

¡hasta mañana Aayuja!!

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