Facebook Marketing Plan – Why Should You Have One!

Business – in any form, needs marketing / advertising to attract & retain customers; to sustain competition; and ultimately, to make profit. Statistics given by State of Inbound Marketing highlight that

  • 42% of marketers feel that Facebook plays an important role in their business
  • 80% of social network users in the US prefer Facebook to connect to brands
  • 16 Million Facebook pages were created by businesses as of May, 2013 which is a 100% increase from that of June, 2012

This definitely means that Facebook is one of the finest channels to market your business. Marketing via Facebook helps businesses to visualize their content, which they want to portray to their fans or potential customers. A Facebook business page can be highly beneficial to any business. Benefits include attracting potential audience, growing your email list, increasing sales of products/services.

All these imply the need to have a Facebook Marketing Plan to increase the engagement of your audience and to get more visibility for your services/ products. A good Facebook marketing plan benefits you by:

  • Saving your valuable time & money
  • Helps you do ‘right’ things rather than doing things right
  • Makes your policies and strategies effective and efficient

The challenge here is, to keep yourself updated on how Facebook works. Because, by the time you trace out the way Facebook works and frame your plan, Facebook changes. So, it is more than necessary to know, how to create a Facebook marketing plan. A perfectly framed plan gives competitive edge to your business by letting you understand

  • How to attract your ideal audience on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook to use to grow your e-mail list
  • How to leverage Facebook to boost sales of your products / services

Until and unless you get your marketing plan framed, you are vulnerable to be hit by these potential hurdles:

  • Misunderstanding Facebook – leads to terrible loss of business. If you do not really get how Facebook works, you could not frame your plan in a way you wanted it to work. Automatically, improper plan will lead you to encounter a terrible loss. Best entrepreneurs and leaders make sure that they just know the essentials required to be successful in various areas of the business
  • Spend lots of money – Until you see Facebook as an investment, you will not recognize its importance to leverage and serve your every single fan. If so, your e-mail list will never grow. And this ultimately leads you to spend more money on boosting your sales
  • Waste your precious time – You must spend your time only on creating a marketing plan that will suit apt to your business. Unless you recognize and rectify the mistakes you commit while framing the plan, it can be concluded that you have spent but wasted your valuable time. It is all about being wise enough to choose the right way to frame the right plan.

Moreover, it is very significant to know how to frame and implement Facebook Marketing Plan. As illustrated by Amy Porterfield, a Facebook expert, your plan should go beyond the greatest and latest features of Facebook, which may not exist even tomorrow – so that when Facebook gets changed, all that will be needed are some minor tweaks to be able to carry on with your plan.

It is advised to stick on to these core principles while framing a marketing plan:

  • Attraction – getting hold of ideal audience in Facebook. Mere growth of fan base is not enough. Even millions of fans will not do you much if they are not engaged by your page. So, it is must to ensure that you attract ‘right’ fans
  • Promotion – growing your e-mail list using Facebook. It involves usage of sensible strategies to make your fans act as per your plan. It will enable you to interact with your fans outside Facebook.
  • Selling – Leveraging your products / services using Facebook. Use Facebook, not as a place to make direct sales. But to generate leads and from there use e-mail marketing to promote your products / services.

This is why you should be insisted that, Facebook Marketing Plan is a must for your business.


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