Everyone lives by Selling something!

The concept of selling has existed right from the Stone Age, “The Barter System”. Goods and services were exchanged for goods and services. That was the mode of living then.

Wikipedia defines Selling as, “The act of selling a product or service for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity”.

There aren’t any better explanation to that. We need to sell in order to live because that’s how the human race functions. If we do not sell then we would not be able to survive.

Sales is a huge topic and there can be numerous ways of describing it or selling itself can be done in various ways. A job interview is a classic example of selling.

People often confuse selling with advertising, demand, want, desire, marketing, need, benefits. These are like 8 legged spiders which connects to one body but are separate from each other. While the key motive is the same, each works on its own.

A baby crying for food and a mother buying food for it may be sales but only when the mother goes to the store and buys the necessary not because the baby asked for it. That my friends, will be defined as “Demand” and due to this demand there was a sale.

Selling should be beneficial to both the parties, if not immediately, then in the future. There won’t be any selling if one party goes under loss, be it selling your old furniture to an antique shop or your technology to a company. If you think about it logically then you would know that there is no point in selling if there are no benefits.

Sharing your thoughts with a friend is not selling. It’s just advertising. Selling will take place only if you expect something in return and the same will be fulfilled.

You sell your skills, creativity, innovations, beauty, art, experience as a motive and it has a hidden agenda behind it. It’s an inbuilt human nature which many are unaware of.

Telling someone to go a restaurant is advertising; we often confuse it with selling. The restaurant does its part of selling; you can only market it by the word of mouth.

Now coming back to the topic in a lay man’s language- You got to eat, pay bills, so get down to business and better sell your stuff!

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