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AAyuja’s industry‐leading services are delivered by a team of sales professionals, backed by a wealth of experience in technology‐sales. This team is carefully handpicked after a rigorous interview process. The team is then trained further according to requirements with the single goal of helping clients to revitalize and increase sales efforts.
AAyuja is a fantastic team to work with. They are very professional and really understand customer service, and how to go-to-market. The company has a very strong work ethic and is truly a 24×7 organization. When you work with the AAyuja team, you are really getting new team members who embrace your vision for building a great technology company, and that passion shines through into the work they do. The people at AAyuja are smart, communicate very well, and are eager to learn and put their learnings into action. I would highly recommend the AAyuja team for any technology company that wants to help scale their business and generate more revenue.

COO of a US based leading provider
Database Infrastructure Software Company
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