Elements of Successful Solution Selling

By Neil Smith

solution selling tips

When we focus on the pain points of the customer rather than simply trying to promote an existing product to him, we are basically trying to push a solution across. Here, we are the one trying to fit in the requirement rather than twisting and turning the probable opportunity to make it a sales closure for us. There is first a problem which is recognized and a mutually agreed upon solution is identified by both the parties, in this case the provider should be the most suited option for the problem as a solution provider. Set ups following solution-selling generally use a consultative sales approach to all aspects of their sales process as prospecting, customizing a solution, diagnosing needs, positioning etc.

Solution selling is primarily focused on the experience that the potential customer gets and sees during their interactions with you. It’s about how you find ways to provide your leads with value and make it all about them. Your products, services, your business and your numbers all come secondly. In one line the consultative and solution sales process is most especially not about you and your offerings.

Elements of solution selling

Identify Pain
As said, no pain no gain, our gain is not possible without existence of a pain with our customers, there has to be a pinching need for a solution with the client. Besides this we also have to clearly understand what exactly is the look out for him, this will also include missed opportunities. This will confirm about the ambiguity of knowing whether he is going to take any action about it or not

Correct Vision
The prospective buyer must understand what your offering is going to allow them to do; also he should be able to visualize himself doing something different in the future. The question here is: “If the buyer has a clear vision of how they can solve their problem with our solution?” The whole process is a vague activity till the time the customer is not certain about his visions and plans

Engage in Teaching
As you are having a conversation with the customer and just responding continuously to his questions? Your simultaneous focus here should also be on teaching him about your product and services and making him aware of how your solution is going to help him overcome his challenges. You also need to be cautious about not letting out too much information at this stage as he is yet to be a closure for you and he might be evaluating other solutions

Quantify Value
What is a monetary take away for the customer is one of the main concerns for any prospect; you must be able to give out a quantifiable value for your deal that you are prospecting towards him. Explain him the ROI, the profit gains and the total expenditure going to be incurred. He should be able to articulate the value receivables from your propositions

Hold Control
As authoritative it may sound, the fact is this element process is inevitable, though the solution selling form of sales is guided by the customer and not the seller but ultimately you are the caller here, and he is an opportunity for you. So take charge in guiding him towards taking the right decision towards both a profitable take for him as well as you

Qualify Quality
Most sales reps majorly focus on qualifying bold opportunities only; the catch is not to qualify numbers. It should be to qualify the cream, following BANT and other process the quality can be kept intact and requirements can be met very specifically from both the ends. This is not only going to help you close substance but also keep those customers for your renewals, cross sells and up sells

Sales reps can perform at their higher most levels when there is a process that they understand, can repeat and back on. Your prospects will never feel like they were being sold to; even those leads that were never qualified to buy from you in the first place.

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