Efficient Usage of Presentations in Content Marketing

Presentation best principlesPresentations may not be the most popular and pro method of content marketing, but they are certainly one the most impactful means for promotion of content whether it is on a website or on the overall web. The emphasis viz a viz attractive content today is interactivity, engagement and educational value. Now the question arises, what are the elements which draw quick as well as bulk attention? Read-on further to identify presentation best practices for increased engagement.


Be a Story Teller

Time is everything, no one has the time to listen or read through an ending saga of events. It is no doubt an incredible idea to portray content in form of a story. What’s more incredible than being able to visually engage the audience via pictures, audios, graphs, pictograms etc and finally compiling them in a presentation. The most tools and sites to help you do this are Slideshare and Slideboom

Be a Picture Pecker

As a very famous saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so go ahead and save yourself the trouble of typing those thousand words and click away to glory by uploading pictures that recite the whole tail in a single glance

Be Search Friendly

Web presence is not only about posting content on the website or any other platform on the internet, it is about posting it on relevant and raving platform which makes your content go viral. Build presentation content around the search terms your business dominates and targets on. In short, be Google and organic search friendly

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Include Templates

Prospects and customers need more than education; they need help putting together business cases for new investments and strategies. E.g.: If you’re in sales, why not develop a customizable business template your prospects can download and fill in to shorten the sales cycle. Make it easier by giving them the tools and logic they need to do it

Share It

Less efforts and more reach is what every marketer aims at, all the work will go in vain if you do not share the presentation well. This is going to keep the content beyond reach of the right people. Be wide spread and reachable on platforms like, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Slideshare

Share it

Measure It

All said and done it is imperative to also have your yardsticks in place and measure your performances via ‘traffic sources’ ‘views’ ‘clicks’ etc. You’ll only know it when you check it. If you notice any deviations from your goals take measures to come back on track

Presentations are versatile tools to showcase your content in the most efficient manner. They not only give you a higher visibility and clicks but also provide a free hand for the maker to draft his/ her thoughts into the an alluring and creative display.

So go ahead explore this form of content. And don’t forget to share them with us. We would love to explore them too.

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