Effective Traits to Generate More Sales

By Neil Smith

Habits are routine behaviors that are repeated subconsciously. In fact in the words of Tryon Edwards  “Thoughts lead on to purpose, purpose leads on to actions, actions form habits, habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny

There are three essential behavioral traits which we feel aid greatly in the making of a top notch inside sales rep.

A positive attitude – attitude is the second skin for any individual as it comes from within us. Positive attitude is developed through experience and with experience comes a learning curve. Customers want to enjoy the buying process. They look for a confident sales rep who’s sure about what he’s selling and in turn makes them comfortable regarding the purchase, rather than making them feel sold out. Being positive is not easy but it depends on the mental attitude of the person.

Emotional intelligence – emotional intelligence refers to the ability to control, perceive and evaluate emotions. Emotional intelligence gives more clarity to thoughts about the whats and whys behind every interaction with the client; it acts like an insight torch for more disciplined and persistent interactions with clients because persistence wears down resistance. It helps to strengthen communication competencies and understanding of client’s emotions, needs and wants.  This in turn increases the probability of success in sales by providing the right response at right time to the right person.

The right aim – In a constantly changing environment it’s necessary to be flexible and adaptive. A good way to do this is to always aim for the right target. Being focused on the right element could help one understand the client’s actual needs and shows that you actually value them. Always suggest the solution which meets their needs, is natural and intuitive. Channelize your energy on issues which you feel are often overlooked by clients. Doing so will help you activate your clients to needs beyond their common perceptions.

These are some essential traits which could help you generate more sales. Developing these characteristics requires dedication, effort and discipline but the end result, especially when it’s in terms of the sales results achieved, should be worth it! Feel free to drop in with your thoughts via the comments section below.

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