Effective Social Media Posts to engage your Customers

It is a challenge, to post effective and interesting content on social media channels every day. When there is a lack of content to post, it’s essential to find a quick method to post interesting and engaging content. Following, are few ideas on posting relevant & interesting content on your social media channels, without wasting much time on generating content.

Polling – it’s an interesting way to engage your audience by letting them share their views on the topic provided. Take a moment to frame a question or poll in a way that it highlights the products or services provided by the company

Providing company updates – keep your customers informed about upcoming new product/service to attract their interest. This will ensure customer retention and creates a long lasting positive impression on potential customers

Have a list of handy information – collect interesting information like FAQ’s, tips and facts about the products or services offered by the company which can be shared with the customers

Using mascots – create your own mascot along with the tag line, to depict the identity of the company. You can design your own avatar by using Adobe Photoshop, image-edit feature of Google-Plus, etc. Mascots act as a brand identity for the company when it is being shared and used. It increases the brand visibility but, care should be taken that mascot should never overtake the brand.

What day it is? – if you have no content to post, better search for what day it is and post interesting facts about that particular day/week/month. Though it looks unprofessional, it might attract people’s interest and create a happy social media community for your business

Hand-pick customers – identify customers who are actively participating in your social media and appreciate them for their participation by posting and tagging them. It not only increases the customer’s involvement on your page, but also helps in building a strong customer community

Trend talk – keep yourself updated about current trends happening around then you can utilize the same to post on your social media channels when needed

Events and interests – know your customers’ nerves better, so that you can share upcoming news and events according to the preference of your customer, which is an easy way to generate content for social media and to build warm customer rapport. Follow social media accounts which are relevant to your customers’ interest so that you can re-tweet, share and post interesting stuff accordingly

Famous quotes – whenever you come across quotes from thought leaders / industry experts relevant to your business, document those quotes so that you could use those quotes to share on your social media channels. Make sure that those quotes are cited properly along with the source

In short of time, you could use these ideas to generate content for your social media channels. If you’ve any other recommendations or alternatives, please list them in the comments section.

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