Effective Communication for Inside Sales Reps

By Neil Smith

Body language plays a vital role in communication, and especially when talking to a prospect or a customer. It helps establish connect and build trust. Most of the customers would want to buy from you once they trust you. And this mechanism of building trust happens over a course of time. A series of small actions and meetings help the sales rep build that trust, and this in turn results in continued business. For Inside Sales reps, this part of gaining trust from the customer is not an easy task, especially when we rely on the phone as our communicating device.  Here are some tips which could help in mastering communication over the phone.

Control your voice and tone:  When talking to a prospect, it’s essential to match your tone and voice to theirs. This is an effective rapport building approach, as the customers would feel comfortable and end up giving more pointers pertaining to their pain points.

Be visible in online demonstrations: The customer always prefers to see and gauge your thoughts in person when they are buying from you. Thus during demonstrations over the web the use of a webcam could greatly enhance your chances of a successful sale.

Be yourself, Be genuine: There’s absolutely no reason to hold yourself back while talking to the customer over the phone.  They would be happy if you listened carefully, and express your thoughts. If you genuinely want to help the customer, they will know.

Leverage the Internet: It helps if you do some research about the person you are talking to. While on the phone, you can quickly check the customer’s profile on LinkedIn to find out about his present skill sets, and position. This helps in engaging conversations.

If there are additional tips that have worked for you, feel free to share them with us via comments below.

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