Do You Really Think That You Are An Expert Solution Seller?

Answer the following truthfully with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, then look at the answer key below.

  • Most of my deals start with discussions well before the potential customer knows what they want.
  • I have good relationships with people at all levels from tech staff to C-level executives.
  • I spend ample amount of time with business executives and senior managers other than technical, purchasing or finance functions.
  • Prospects change their purchase criteria based on the kind of discussion with me and my team during the sales cycle.
  • I tend to knowingly change the tone and matter of conversation depending on where the prospect is in their purchase cycle and in anticipation of how their concerns might change with time.
  • I can easily reach out to senior decision makers during the final stage of decision making.
  • Many of the discussions I have with prospects focus on future possibilities and not only on qualified opportunities.
  • Most of my contacts, I can promptly describe their challenges both business and personal.
  • For all my prospects I can easily give a brief value proposition that a C-level executive would find compelling.
  • I can quickly explain at least five reference accounts not only in regards to what my firm did for them, but what the real business outcomes were.

10 positives: you are a complete solution selling professional, continue brushing up your skills.
7-9: you are at the higher end of solution selling, but need sped up development.
3-6: you are showing good characteristics and would gain from training/coaching.
0-2: either solution selling is not desirable for your role or you need a major personal development program.

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