Creating a Newsletter to Drive Sales

E-Mail marketing and sales through e-mail are one of the oldest digital marketing strategies out there. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of spam, the effectiveness of e-mail marketing has decreased significantly. However, there are still a number of e-mail marketing tactics which can prove to be quite effective in identifying potential sales leads and driving conversions.

For the purpose of this post, we will discuss how you can leverage your blog to get e-mail subscribers and create content which will keep subscribers opening your newsletter and eventually drive sales.

Getting Readers to Subscribe

One of the key challenges firms face with their e-mail newsletter campaigns is actually getting people to subscribe to the list. With over 75% of all e-mails being spam, it is not hard to see why. Hence, your company must gain the trust of its readers before they become subscribers.

A blog is the perfect way to gain thus trust. Through creating consistent quality content, you can demonstrate to readers your knowledge and insight into the subjects you comment on and how this information can be of assistance to your readers. However even with trust, your company needs to give readers a concrete reason to subscribe. Even if you promise to provide exclusive valuable insights in newsletter updates, that alone will not sway readers to become subscribers.

You need to provide immediate value. The easiest way to do this is create an informational product and provide it at no charge for members who subscribe to an e-mail newsletter. This tactic has been used countless times by a number of authoritative blogs and has attracted tens of thousands of subscribers.

Create a webinar, whitepaper, eBook, or video series which will be of general interest to people involved in your industry. Offer this product free of charge via your corporate blog. However, in order for users to gain access to the report, they need to subscribe to your blog’s e-mail newsletter . Only once they subscribe will they be e-mailed the report.

Setting it Up

In order to draw subscriptions, you must prominently display the subscription box in the sidebar of your corporate website, blog, and presences on social networking websites and social bookmarking websites. This box should feature a description of the report, why readers need to download it, and should allow readers to subscribe.

Ensure that users have to confirm their e-mail address so that they can not simply enter junk e-mail addresses as this will be of no value. There are a number of services which can help set all of this up; however, if you are not already using an e-mail management client, Aweber is a company which manages blog e-mail subscriptions at very affordable rates.

Newsletter Content

Once you have built up a subscriber base, it can start to strategically send out exclusive content to e-mail newsletter subscribers. Content sent out in the newsletter must follow the same principles as that of the blog: it should serve to add value to subscribers and be something they would find interesting/relevant. Constant self-promotional advertisements will lead members to unsubscribe. The content should instead relate to your firm within the industry, serving to again build the company’s brand.

Content should be sent out no more than once a week, unless there is an urgent news story which requires immediate coverage. It should also be more in-depth and informational than that found on the blog, serving to reward subscribers. This content can later be published on the blog, along with the tagline stating that e-mail subscribers receive certain posts days or weeks ahead of time. This can help increase subscriber rates as well.

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