Creating A Cold Calling Script That Works

By Neil Smith

There are several ways to generate sales leads, yet one of the most effective tactics utilized by most companies is cold calling. A common problem encountered by most business is lack of effective cold calls. One of the ways to rectify this is by the use of cold calling scripts. A basic problem here is that most sales programs aren’t designed to help a sales rep build her or her own sales script. If you look back and think about it sales scripts are everywhere. From the news anchor to the politician to public speakers anyone and everyone vying for your attention probably swears by scripts

Why do you need a cold calling script?

A cold calling script will help you give a structure to your conversation and help you direct them towards a suitable direction in the minimum amount of time.

What not to do with a cold calling script?

Before we go any further a couple of warnings:

  • A good sales pitch is never a monologue, it’s a conversation
  • Do not read the script under any scenario. Just practice it enough that words come naturally to you as if you just thought of them. Whenever you ask the customer a question, listen back! It not just about uttering words from your mouth. Remember the earlier warning: It’s about having a conversation

Types of cold calling scripts

Most sales reps unconsciously use scripts for some of their sales activities. It revolves around a habit of saying certain things in certain ways. Thus the first step you need to take is to analyze what you are currently doing.

The next step then is to figure if what you are doing is working or not. If it’s not working then try something new. If it is indeed working then you need to formalize it so as to ensure repeated success. Keep it simple. As an example a good opening script could contain your introduction, credibility statement, reason for call and your request.

There are several types of cold calling scripts that you might need to develop:

  • Opening and closing scripts
  • Objection scripts
  • Gatekeeper scripts
  • Refutation/ response scripts
Cold Call Joke

Sample cold calling script structure

A simple cold call structure that you could utilize could be:

  • Step 1: Raise prospect curiosity (who are you and why should he/ she care)
  • Step 2: Give context (your elevator pitch comes here)
  • Step 3: Seek permission to continue
  • Step 4: Ask them about their pain areas and check if they are a fit
  • Step 5: Check for closure (price related issues and purchase timelines)
  • Step 6: Schedule series of next steps

If one were to try and put the above structure into use the conversation might sound something like the following:

Opening – I am <name> calling from <company name>.  We provide companies with <insert what you do>. Does this seem interesting?

Qualifying – Address pain problems like: How do you do <process>? How do you solve <problem>?

Closing – questions on the decision making process of the organization like: Our program is currently discounted by <X>. Would you like a demo?

Next steps – this seems like a great fit! Let me drop you an email and schedule a meeting next week. What’s the best mail id to reach you?

Can I see an actual cold calling script?

As part of our inside sales offerings our sales reps often have to cold call on behalf of our clients for purposes from lead generation to qualification and final closing. As a standard practices we hone and mould scripts on a case by case basis. You can download one such script to enhance your understanding.

Download File



Most people consider wring scripts hard because they tend to complicate the scripts and end up sounding unnatural. A good way to avoid this is to stand in your prospects shoes and get a feeler of how it sounds to them. This would help you ending up with something that works and sounds natural. You really don’t want to be focusing on what to say next while your prospect is decimating key information about his pain areas.

Doubts, questions, views? Feel free to connect with us via comments below.


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