Common Traits of Great Sales People

By Neil Smith

Regular sales force assessment is a key exercise in management of a high performing and ever growing sales team. We at AAyuja maintain a highly skilled inside sales team and often during our periodic assessments certain common traits shine out amongst our best sales reps for non-transactional sales.

• Ability to assume parity with prospects – average sales reps often buildup a perceived hierarchy between themselves and customers. This is often build around the saying ‘Customer is king’. Top sales reps position themselves as problem solvers and are able to command equivalent respect from their customers
• They often question decision makers – effective sales reps have a good understanding of their customers’ domain and their own solution. So much so that they are able to comfortably question inaccurate statements made by their prospects
• They are always well prepared – average sales reps are often not well prepared for sales calls and meetings. They lack pre call planning, a fixed call agenda and at times even a presentation tailored according to the prospect
• Never rush – rushing around a sales call/ meeting is often a sign of poor preparation and a perceived lack of control. The best sales reps never seem to be in a need to rush up thereby demonstrating greater confidence
• Ask great questions – higher performing sales reps ask more questions. The questions they ask are also more focused on implications rather than data
• Impeccable follow ups – a very simple and easy to implement policy that is often ignored by poor sales reps
• No awkward conversations – good sales reps for some reason never seem to have awkward conversations whether they lock in the prospect or not. So much so that they are comfortable in allowing a measurable period of silence in their conversations. Such a practice ensures that the prospect has time to ponder on what’s been discussed rather than having to process the next chunk of data

Finally great sales reps aren’t always super high in some of these area and zeroes in others. Instead they are above average on everything. And that’s what makes them so effective!

Feel free to share your thoughts on what goes into the making of a great sales rep via comments below.

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