Closing the Sales Funnel from the Bottom

One of the challenges many sales forces have in their efforts to secure sales is that their sales funnel is open at the bottom. No matter how many new customers they acquire, overtime these customers drop out the bottom. It is a far too common phenomenon.

Sales teams, whether it be due to increased pressure to reach sales targets or the lure of bonuses for successfully acquiring new customers, tend to forget about the customers they already have. It is time consuming and strenuous to pitch and secure new clients and thus can be very difficult to keep existing customers while committing significant resources to acquiring new leads.

Hence, one of the topics we will cover at length in future Aayuja blog posts are tactics to seal the sales funnel from the bottom to ensure that you are not losing customers you worked so hard to gain in the first place.

However, for the purpose of this post, we want to talk about how outsourcing may be the most efficient way to close this funnel. The number one reason why this funnel is open is due to lack of resources, both time and manpower. After all, with unlimited resources, why would you not spend some time focusing on retaining current clients and going above and beyond the call of duty? Outsourcing can be an efficient way to acquire these additional resources at affordable prices.

For example, customer retain is one of our specialties here at Aayuja. We have teams of specially trained and qualified experts who focus on helping our clients retain their customers through continuous contact, assessment of business opportunity and customer needs, monitoring of customer satisfaction and more. While we focus on providing these services to midsized technology companies, there are other outsourcing firms focused on other industries which can be researched for companies in other sectors.

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