Can Comments Generate Content?

A good amount of content on the web lies buried in the comment sections of your posts. If you look carefully you just might be able to turn this valuable raw content into something of use as part of your content marketing efforts.

Of course one of the problems of doing so is that you need to scamper past loads of spam and unrelated/ unwanted data. As an example consider any good thread of an online forum. If you were to collate all the useful data from one such thread you would easily have a brilliant post with good advice on the topic of your choosing. A big advantage of comments is that at times they help the author identify info-gaps in the article or topic. So here are five ways in which you can leverage comments.

  • Find relevant topics – any post with lots of comments indicates two things; it’s a well written post and secondly the topic resonates with your audience. This gives you a idea about what works and what doesn’t viz a viz the content you create
  • Identify new issues – if you spend enough time over the best comments you’ll start seeing gaps that resulted in the comments. More often than not you might be able to highlight a hidden issue, not covered by the original article
  • Connect with right people – we have at times come across great people in our blogs. Doing so on other blogs can help you identify fellow marketers who are excellent in what they do. Following these people helps you extend your circle. You can even invite them to contribute to your blog. All in all this will help you extend the reach of your blog
  • Source of great quotes – a lot of the content you create like eBooks will at times have a sidebar section reserved for great bits and bytes. Comments are ideal for such usage and moreover give you an additional opportunity to connect with the comment giver regarding promotion of the material you would have used his/ her comments in

Go ahead! Browse your blog’s comment section and see for yourself.

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