Buying–An Emotional or Rational decision?

Is buying an emotional or a rational decision? It’s a debate going on for decades, a question every sales person including me, have asked multiple times.

Well in my experience, I found that there is no one correct answer to this question. We have heard the pundits say that, humans are emotional creatures, and therefore, all decisions, including buying are emotional. But my question to them, is it the same for everyone? Is it absolute?

Biologically speaking, the decisions taken by someone are a result of a complex set of neural networks in our brain, which is different for everyone. Therefore, we can definitely assume that the thinking process of every human being is different and we can safely say that the way they make their buying decisions will also be different. It is usually a mix of logical reasoning and emotional thinking that purchases happen.

When it comes to B2B buying decisions we know for a fact that it is not taken by one person but a result of deliberation of a number of people. Now each of them would have their own set of opinions and reservations, which makes the entire process of selling, much more complex.

So what do we do in these kinds of situations?

Well, in my opinion, and from what I have seen, the most chances of success is understanding the main motive or pain, which the decision maker converge on, the reason they are talking to you in the first place, and why they would buy from you. But the key here is to understand that, although the key reason of purchases maybe rational, the person you would be selling to are people with emotions, and therefore, connecting with them at an emotional level is imperative.

To summarize, in B2B selling processes, the main reason for buying might be logical by nature but the people who actually make the decisions are emotional by nature. Any buying decision taken cannot be purely emotional or logical in nature, but a mix of both. Thus it is the job of the marketer to find that perfect balance between the two.

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