Building a Career in Inside Sales

By Neil Smith

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There has been an explosive growth in inside sales jobs in the recent years. In most b2b tech companies inside sales now constitutes around 50% of the sales workforce. As increasing number of employers recognize the benefits of employing inside sales reps, a career in inside sales looks a promising preposition for job hunters.

Why are employers moving towards inside sales? Well employers increasingly prefer inside sales reps over outside sales reps because inside sales leads to more accounts covered or touched per day. Also the cost of operation of an inside sales team is always lesser when compared to an equivalent outside sales team.

What to expect from an inside sales job

Typically most inside sales jobs would involve prospecting using heavy volumes of cold calling and mass mailing. Selling over phone or via email is highly challenging and requires a special set of skills. These days’ companies often look for people with excellent verbal and written communication skills that are assertive, persistent and persuasive. Basic computer knowledge and ability to work with tools like a CRM system and Excel is an added advantage since more often than not calls and email activities have to be coordinated using such tools.

For pure cold calling positions will often look to hire younger, comparatively inexperienced sales reps by highlighting a total compensation package. A key word you’ll often hear from HR’s and job listings is variable pay or OTE (on target earnings). This is the predicted money a sales rep would make if he fulfills all quota related goals for a set time period. If it helps the average quota attainment for a sales rep in US in 2013 was 86%

 Benefits of an inside sales job

  • Superior training and development as a manager is always at hand to help you identify and rectify mistakes
  • Since inside sales is a relatively newer stream and that too an entry level one, you will find yourself surrounded by similarly aged peers with identical ambitions
  • Assuming you are the right fit and really good at prospecting via phone and the internet you can quickly grow towards higher sales roles

So are there any downsides? Most inside sales jobs are highly repetitive and after a while doing the same thing over and over again might become boring to some. Also it’s a lot trickier to handle customer objections over cold calls.

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