B2B Marketing and Pinterest

pinterest as marketing toolSocial media is the new and the most lucrative platform for promotion of content, information, ideas, networks and exchange of mutual interests between individuals, organizations, communities and groups. This platform has been a sure hit in gaining maximum visibility, viewership and virality on the internet. When talking in terms of reach through individual efforts, social media acts as a life size billboard for all the passing by viewers to see what you are displaying for them to witness. The question here is, where do you place your billboard? Facebook, Twitter, My space, LinkedIn, Google plus, Instagram, Tumbler and many more. So many choices to make just for a post! Well, most of the marketers are present on all the above mentioned platforms and more to leave absolutely no stone unturned.

A common logic is to stick to platforms and methods that give us maximum benefits. This may at times lead to neglect for something that’s not necessarily as straight line as your other tools but works equally well if not better. Pinterest is something we feel that belongs to that latter category.

Pinterest Basics

Pinterest is a social networking site that lets users share their new discoveries and findings through the concept of virtual pin boards. For the uninitiated a post on pinterest is called a pin and by common logic a poster a pinner. A pin is posted on a pin board. As you can possibly deduce this platform is majorly based on pictures and search friendly posts that direct users to other sites through mutual user credibility.

Stereotype: Pinterest as a website is tagged to be a place for only the women population & for sharing hobby ideas. The funny thing is that this can precisely make it a great medium to pull in those extra clicks to your website and grow your marketing efforts further.

Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest as a media website in past couple of years has emerged to be a great media platform for content, creativity, ideas and engagements. Off late this medium has been creating a great deal of rift in the market due its appeal and appearances. Most pinners who contribute often to this website say that what they love the most about this platform is the sorted way in which the content is presented and the picture aesthetics that make the information much attractive and beautiful, after all who would not be pulled towards glam and glitter!

The cherry on the top is that the credibility of the information posted can be as high as 81% (by BlogHer). After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site (source: Experian). Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook. Bet you didn’t know that!

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Your B2B Business


pinterest as marketing tool

Add Pinterest Button

Before you start the tale, the bare minimum to do is to add a share button for Pinterest on your website below all your content, along with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons. This gives a free window for readers to promote your blog and content by broadcasting information amongst his pinning groups. As mentioned earlier Pinterest has the highest user virality compared to all other networking websites. So go cash on it.

Use Hash Tags

Similar to Twitter, Pinterest too identifies Hash tags. Building SEO friendly hash tags is an amazing way to promote your company and website on this medium. Anything like a catchy punch line related to your company’s domain expertise can be put along with hash tags with your website’s link attached.

Be Picture Friendly

Just like LinkedIn as a platform is recognized more as being a platform for professional networking with a high volume of informational data that it feeds its users similarly your Pinterest board becomes more effective when you jam up your marketing content with some really aesthetically and categorically appropriate snaps. A picture is more than worth thousand words is taken quite literally over here. On the bright side it ensures you don’t have to focus on textual content as a marketer. Save those extra thousand words for your blog we say!

Categorize your Boards

Separate your theme boards. This basically calls for making different boards for different genre of your marketing efforts. If your domain of promotions is as varied as content on sales, cloud based solution selling, sales consultations, etc then what is needed to be done here is to create a different pin-board for each of these divisions and pin separate posts on each being category specific. This not only gives the user or the visitor a clear idea about what he is reading very categorically but also gives an edge to your marketing efforts. How? Well you now can clearly figure which domain amongst all your content is the most popular.

Don’t Just Pin Yourself Only

They say blowing your own trumpet is a bad habit. Unfortunately this stands absolutely true here. Pinterest as a platform is designed for not exactly product, services or brand promotion. It aims at creating a credible common platform for users of different arenas to connect and share common beneficial ideas. So if you aim at only posting content of what your company is all about again and again, it is doomed to be a failure. All efforts on Pinterest are unproductive till you do not share other pins and repin them, promote other upcoming trends and contribute in a synergistic manner.

Through this article we tried to give a little insight into what Pinterest contributes as a networking site and put across some pointers of marketing intelligently through it. It is a trending platform for websites. If you have more ideas to try out on Pinterest, please feel free to drop in the same suggestions on the comment box below. Happy Marketing!

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