B2B Marketing and Instagram

Instagram is a widely used social media platform which helps customers, engage and socially assist with the conversation. It can help a brand connect with followers and help create a cross channel experience. Due to its unique nature, Instagram is a good platform for delivering and co-creating visual content like pictures. Here we highlight a few simple pointers that can help you leverage Instagram more effectively.

  • Share staff photographs – Many companies share staff photos with a view to add a personal touch to their marketing. Existing customers are generally keen to know about the staff and how they deal with customers. For instance any photo portraying team unity or team work would be an influential factor where selling is concerned. It highly depends upon the marketer to determine what will be most suitable for his target audience
  • Display your product offerings – Instagram could be used to appeal to customers by displaying product features and value proposition in an attractive storyboard backed manner. Pictures which provide detailed information about products or services are one of the leading factors that help persuade customers to buy
  • Encourage others to like and comment on the Images – Instagram can help you boost lead generation by having people like or comment on images. This will boost your search rankings and help you gain recognition in the market. The comments would further persuade more customers to buy the product or service
  • Use Instagram to show how your company interacts with the community – CSR has become an important tool for modern businesses to create customer loyalty. Employees interacting with the community motivate customers to deal with the company. Instagram could be used to depict the human face of the brand. Consistent CSR, well showcased is the key to drawing customer attention and loyalty for your brand

We might have missed a lot of other potential gold mines when it comes to utilizing Instagram. Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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