B2B Blogging Checklist – Part 1

If you have been a regular B2B blogger chances are by now you would have recognized that when it comes to blogs writing is comparatively the easy part. The real challenge is to draw people towards your blog and getting them to read and share your content.

The critical first step is to publish engaging blog posts on topics your customers and prospects want to know about.  We at AAyuja feel there are several things you can do to help your content travel far and wide across the web.

We have created a list of five pointers that can help you create effective blog posts that can provide a stable platform to your content marketing strategy.

  • Educate your readers – B2B sales won’t happen from a single blog post especially when they involve high value products and services. But your blog can ask as a vital tool in positioning you as a thought leader in your area. It can help show your prospects how you are available to help and help them recollect you when they do need it. Your sales team can provide you with vital tips on prospect pain points. Use their insights and expertise while developing your content and you’ll almost never go wrong
  • Keep it short and simple – as far as B2B blogs go there is no ‘one size fits all’. Typically you shouldn’t post a blog with less than 300 words. Observe what works best for you. As an example a post of around 400 -600 words gives us the best results (this post is of 570 words). However having said that some topics may involve a deeper digging. We suggest you keep going as long as you feel the post structure/ flow is maintained and it’s easy to scan through.  Also spend as much time editing your work and make sure you stay relevant and don’t stray from the point
  • Avoid jargon and corporate speak – we understand you would be blogging on behalf of your company but still there exists no case for making a B2B blog full of jargons and company speak. Remember a normal human being is going to end up reading it and hence it needs to have a touch of your personality. Use your blog to build a connection with your prospects and customers. When you write in an approachable manner it would lead to better engagement and hopefully more leads that transpire to sales
  • Make it easy to share – remember the time you found that excellent article on lead generation and shared it with your marketing team? The same could happen to your content too! However in today’s ever busy world we all need and look for simple and one click ways to do things. Including sharing icons in your blog post could help you in magnifying its reach. These buttons could also help you keep an eye on what content resonates with your audiences and what does not
  • Don’t forget a call to action – you must sure want your readers to do something once they have finished reading your post. Depending on the post you may either want them to share their experiences, visit a website, register for a webinar or request more details about a product service. Just one tip, don’t overdo it though!

By following these five commandments you can surely boost your content’s efficiency. Feel free to leave us with your thoughts via comments below.

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