Why AAyuja

    One-stop-shop for end-to-end sales support
    Our services are utilized by early-stage firms (for end-to-end sales), SMB’s (for a dedicated team focused only on up-selling), as well as Fortune 500 companies (for resources to perform heavy-lifting sales activities and focus on small deal closures).
    A high-performance team
    From up-selling and cross selling, to converting potential opportunities into deals, we have an efficient sales team that has more than doubled in the last two years alone.
    Increased sales team productivity, reduced operational risk
    Outsourcing ‘contextual work’ (e.g. lead generation, collateral development, email campaigns) to AAyuja, and remaining focused on the ‘core’ functions of the sales funnel, helps companies channelize the company resources and efforts optimally.
    Reduced turnaround time for deal closure
    We have a good understanding of the local Indian market and the sales culture here, this helps to reduce turnaround times for deal closures.
    Flexible engagement models
    We offer viable and customizable engagement models to suit immediate as well as long-term business needs. Example:
    • Outsourcing a part of the sales process: e.g. lead qualification or lead nurturing
    • Outsourcing management of particular customer segments: e.g. niche segments, geographies or sectors that are difficult to reach or are culturally very different
    • Outsourcing particular product or service lines (e.g. parts, maintenance)
    • Outsourcing product-related activities such as product launches
    Lastly, our teams are also sensitized about representing your company’s brand/ principles and reputation.
    Activating your outsourced AAyuja sales team:
    • Select the ideal team.
    • Information-dissemination to teams about product (training on the functionality / utility of the product / application / solutions), markets and customers, including product roadmaps, addressable market data.
    • Segment markets and prioritize target markets / outline known routes to these markets.
    • Receive sales engineering and initial product/service training support from the client.
    • Pro-active relationship management.
    Get started on 2-weeks’ notice and be good to go within 1 week of training

    AAyuja Trial Program
    is a low-risk, no-hassle way,
    to experience
    sales augmentation with us.

    US: +1.980.2.AAYUJA (+1.980.222.9852)
    IN: +91.80.41706162


    AAyuja worked tirelessly to generate new prospects for our sales organization. They are extremely effective, hard working and professional. Their skill-sets on working with other companies is second to none. I recommended them as true professionals and asset to any firm.
    Inside Sales Manager
    at a Leading Mobile Marketing Solutions Company
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