Technology Expertise

    AAyuja works with fast growing high-tech companies and we specialize in the sales know-how of software and technology products.
    We have built a strong team, leveraging on our success in global enterprise-sales from over 12 years of experience, building Speedera Networks into one of the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley and in the North American technology industry as ranked by Deloitte & Touché and PricewaterhouseCoopers.
    Our expertise includes technologies like PhP, ERP, SAP, Content management solution, Enterprise Data Migration, SaaS CRM, Test Management, Project Management, Workforce Management, Security, Client-Server and Java,.NET among others.
    We cater to a wide base of esteemed clients. Our clients include software product & solutions companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
    The following are some of the client businesses that we have catered to so far: A leading developer of PHP-applications, an e‐signature solutions firm, an Infrastructure‐as‐a‐Service (IaaS) company, US-based RFID and Sensor Network, a digital media company, infrastructure management company, energy & sustainability management solution firms, a US-based Project Management Software company, an enterprise-solutions company operating in the virtual contact-center area and others.
    Our solutions include a variety of initiatives like – web-based research, webinar registrations, conversion of chat inquiries, CRM initiatives, emails, newsletters and online campaigns, managing inbound leads, data scrubbing, free trial-registrations, operational support, web registrations, promoting new technologies among software giants, podcasts, blogs, social media, infomercials, lead-capture forms/pages and online content among others.
    We have catered to clients from various domains which include
    • A leading digital media company specializing in the technology market, reaching out to over 50 million highly engaged in‐market buyers and influencers every month
    • A leading provider of software and services for development, deployment & management of business critical PHP applications, with over 40,000 customers worldwide
    • A leading provider of e‐signature solutions, with a high volume of inbound leads through free trial registrations
    • A niche player, which helps companies reduce energy, costs through innovative supply arrangements and implementation of energy efficiency projects
    • A leading Infrastructure‐as‐a‐Service (IaaS) provider hosting complex Infrastructure for businesses around the globe
    • A leading provider of enterprises solutions to operate a world‐class, virtual contact center

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    I have worked with AAyuja for the past 2 years seeing great results. Our company needed to add sales resources quickly to expand our reach in the marketplace. After an initial training, AAyuja was able to hit the ground running and start producing results much sooner than expected. They are able to understand complex technology and bring it in a concise manner to decision makers. It’s been a great solution for expanding our sales force to focus on new products and opening new geographic markets.
    Sr. Director of Sales
    US – based leading CDN Company
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