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    We work with software product companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
    Our Case Studies will give you an insight into our level of involvement with customers. You can also see how our solutions have supplemented our customer’s sales objectives.
    At AAyuja, we work with the sole objective of promoting the interests of our clients while protecting their identity and privacy needs. The confidentiality agreement we follow allows us to disclose the details of the solutions offered by us without disclosing information about the identity of our clients.
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    Some of our satisfied clientele include
    • A leading digital media company specializing in the technology market, which reaches out to over 50 million highly engaged in‐market buyers and influencers every month. The customer needed a team to reach out to maximum web-registrants and drive the demand for their products and solutions
    • A leading provider of software and services for development, deployment & management of the business critical PHP application, with over 40,000 customers worldwide. The key challenge was that, their in-house reps were not able to get to the SMB deals as they were spending more time focusing on the big new business opportunities
    • A leading provider of e-signature solutions, with a high volume of inbound leads through free trail registrations. The client required scaling up their sales team, to handle SMB business and increasing profitability
    • A niche player that helps companies reduce energy costs through innovative supply arrangements and implementation of energy efficiency projects. The key challenge was to start and manage a team that can work with marketing in building a targeted list
    • A leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider specializing in Cloud-Infrastructure solutions. The client required a team of tech-savvy inside-sales professionals who could quickly show desired results and reach out to global markets
    • A leading provider of enterprises solutions that also operates a world-class, virtual contact center. The marketing team of this company also required intelligence to understand exactly what kind of cloud initiatives were being taken up

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    AAyuja is a great asset for any company they work with. Within 3 months of working with them they proved to be a great team players and fast learners. They are always willing to do what it takes to deliver the required results. I can see from the communication they have with our clients that they are very well liked, and are very skillful in their ability to recognize, and provide, exactly what the client needs.
    I have no hesitation in recommending AAyuja, as I believe they are a very accomplished and professional business partner / consultant.

    International Account Manager
    at a Leading IAS company
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