5 Reasons Why Sales should be your first job?


Sales is “here till Sunday

Sales can get going in any industry. Being able to sell is the ABCs of every efficacious career. There is always a facet of selling involved. From convincing someone to hire you to prevail upon shareholders as CEO, a sale is ball rolling.

Inculcate esteemed life skills 

Being able to coherent your ideas and speak eloquently is chief and front-page in any career. There is no other billet that allows you to continually practice and get better at speaking and connecting to people than sales. You can expect to commit to memory while working in sales as interpersonal skills, time management, persistence, confidence.

Sale is not humdrum

It’s a career filled with buzz and provocation, often generated from opportunities you found and annexed upon. Sales are a thought-provoking way to kick off your career.

You get to “dress” nice for work

You need to broach and lead off a confident upbeat image as a sales person which means that spending money on nice clothes is practically a “business expense”.
When you are your authentic self, there is no competition.

Meet, Beat and Exceed

In order to meet the goals and beat the challenges, your sales manager will take the office’s   monthly goal and assign each sale associate an individual goal. Break it down by exceeding expectations so that you can have mini victories rather than huge mountains to climb. “Inch by Inch is a Cinch”.



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