10 Tools for the B2B Blogger

Blogging tool is a software hosted on the internet which allows anyone to easily produce content for  blogging and posting it on the internet in a standard XML blog format. It also runs all the categorization, allows you to add functionality like tags, comments or search, organizes posts, and  functions we have come to associate  .The million dollar stake is to identify the one best suited for you which shall ultimately get you the “attention” the majority of time our distribution strategy needs to be more thorough and wide-spread, these days the ones catching fire are :

1. AddThis

Blog distribution starts with, well, your blog. It is one of the easiest tools to share contents. With  user-friendly codes &  instructions, AddThis tools allows easy engagement and drive more traffic to your site. You can customize your sharing specific buttons, along with the style that best fits your requirements. They introduced  “Smart Layers” and  easy-to-install single piece of code which includes all Sharing Buttons, Follow up Buttons, and Recommended Contents. Not just a accessory.According to AddThis, product users see 3x the social engagement and double the site activity.

2. FeedBlitz

 FeedBlitz, is a tool using which you can create and manage your feed, and create a great experience for your readers. The platform allows you to send customized emails for niche audiences to targeted  nurturing of  your relationship with readers, for social media managers out there  with an RSS feed, they can make sure that the contents are automatically posted across  the social networks.


For managing social distribution channels,  Hootsuite is highly recommended . Delivering recent posts by your social channels has a high priority in  distribution strategy, but with 13+ social sites out in the market, it can be a ambiguous  trying to alert your social followers of your new posts. With Hootsuite, you can  schedule , monitor and distribute your new blog posts across all platforms in one centralized location. If  you even wish  to streamline activities, you can post, create , and share your articles with their available WordPress.org app.

4. Paid Social

Enticing tweets and imagery-rich Facebook posts aren’t as impact giving  to the masses as earlier times. Recent algorithm updating organic reach has plummeted. Despite the efforts one puts in sharing their new blog posts organically, the only way to increase the visibily of your post is to pay. For Twitter, we can utilize their Promoted Tweets, which gives the advantage of targeting new users and paying on a cost-per-engagement basis.

Boosting a Facebook post is sinply straight-forward. Simply have to click the “Boost Post” dropdown and select the appropriate criteria, price, and target demographic.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a “discovery engine”. Popularly-named “Stumblers”, browsing  through pages and pages of randomly delivered  and posted content, rating the relevancy along . This doesn’t sound predominantly  effective, but with the Paid Discovery feature, one can target specific demographics and popular interests, paying for each unique visitor  and his activities that arrives at your site or blog.

6. LinkedIn advertising

This is the digital PR pro’s best buddy. It gives the leverage of narrowing company, office location and job role, making it an incredibly targeted  and  customized way to get your messaging and brand in front of a prospect for the period of its decision-making process. Experiment with targeting and  to find a mix that gives the best results (quality and relevance over quantity) for the dollars you have shed.

7. MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact

 Is Using a solid email marketing platform for creation of  email newsletters and distribute content directly to your reader’s inbox.  Its a great way to segment specific buyers to target them with relevant contents and posts, depending on what stage of decision-making process they’re in right now. One can showcase specific and relevant  pieces of contents, or curate a week’s worth of blog posts.

8. GaggleAmp

GaggleAmp is an awesome  social content delivery tool which leverages the power of employee networking. One has to sign up on the website to, invite people into their“Gaggle” network (they could be partners, employees or customers), and load the messages they want them to share. They then  have the choice to share already drafted messages with their social networks- ultimately growing the reach for everyone exponentially and with efficiency. The platform gives you a reward management function which allows  the user to motivate employees to share posts in  a exciting environment.

9. Outbrain

This new“content discovery platform”  allows your posts to be visible across major sites like Fox News &CNN under their head “Sponsored” or “Related” posts section.  Simply  by providing your RSS and individual link on their algorithm that serves your new posts to the interested readers. At a very decent starting point of 35 cents per click, one can distribute their contents across syndicated partners.

10. WordPress

It is one of  the most popular blogging platform in the world. It offers two different blogging platforms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The difference between the two is that the WordPress.com sites are hosted on WordPress’ server while WordPress.org sites are hosted on an external server. If one is not interested in a lot of customization options, WordPress.com is the best suited option for you. Adding plugins, options are not there and  opt install custom themes or edit your HTML, but a basic blogging platform is created  that’s free and easy to use. IF one wants to , it’s also very easy to switch over to WordPress.org. WP Beginner has an amazing infographic to break it down for your convenience.

Ultimately, choosing a blogging platform or tools is a personal decision—one works for someone the same doest for someone else, but if you have already chosen one for yourself and if it working little bit of magic for you. We would love to hear from you and request your comments right here.

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