10 Techniques to Increase B2B Email Clickthroughs

By Jenny Ann

Email marketing is directly reaching out to a group of potential customers through an electronic mail carrying the target in form of a commercial message. It is one of the most popular marketing communication delivery method that’s not only inexpensive & instantaneous but also 100 percent measurable. According to a study conducted by Salesforce in 2013, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. 72% of B2B buyers are most likely to share useful content via email. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

Looking at these whooping figures, certainly we don’t want to be missing out on potential clicks. Here are the top 10 ways to increase the email click-through rates.

Utilize well crafted subject lines

Make sure the subject line is well designed and has the ability to draw instant attention of the recipient. It’s just like the teaser of any upcoming flick in the theaters. Stick to a maximum of 50 characters. The best subject lines are those which are short and give a clear picture of the mail yet leave the reader with a mystery to unravel, which in turn leads to an open and a potential clickthrough

Use a good email subject line

Add social sharing buttons

Including this option in your email will not only hike the chances of increased clicks to your social media accounts but also help the reader connect with your brand in an efficient manner. It would also help propagate your message to a reach beyond your direct means. In case the recipient does not have a need to redeem your offer, he might know a friend who does, the moment they click on share button it goes spreading the word for you

Add easy share/ social sharing buttons

Personalize your mails

Who doesn’t want to be given some individual attention, it’s on us how we anchor on this advantage. This includes doing a bit of research on your customer, his choices, purchase history, website activities, his nature of business, etc. This will give us clarity on how to draft the mailer and make it more targeted in-turn increasing the chances of the click rate. Another very simple mechanism to achieve this is by using email software that allows personalization based on a mail merge kind of scenario

Personalize your emails

Include an effective call to action

This is the most direct and tested way to provoke the audience for an immediate response and action. We have to first determine the goal of the email and place the CTA accordingly; making sure it serves the purpose. It can be placed both in the subject line and/ or in the body of the email. It should be sited on 3 things – what is expected of the reader, where will the CTA take him and why has he gone there. Examples of some popular CTA’s are, Click Here, Apply Now, and Contact Us

Include an effective call to action

Have a concise context

Time is money. No one has the patience and the time to read through long content even if it holds in it a lot of value for him. However, precise emails have always been regarded for their short pointers and spot on read through body structure. It is imperative to draft a concise mail in order to discard avoidance

Be concise and to the point

Time your campaign

Strategically timing the emails plays a vital role in ensuring the reader opens the same. The timing should not clash with the rush hours for the recipient, e.g.: e-commerce websites send out there mailers on the weekends and that’s the free time for the prospective buyers to shop online. In a b2b scenario the best time to send mailers is Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

Time your campaign

Ensure your mails are mobile optimized

70 million US consumers access email through their mobiles, 43% check their email on it 4 or more times a day. If you are not optimizing your emails for mobile, you risk missing out on a huge opportunity of having these mobile readers exploring your calls-to-action. If you haven’t started optimizing emails for mobile, guess it’s time to act now!

Your emails should be mobile optimized

Use trigger words

Attractiveness of a mail is defined mostly by how many pleasant pit stops one finds in it while reading it. The key here is to use the most effective and conducive key words such as “membership offer” “sale”. Words like these typically represent what we call trigger words. They entice the reader towards opening the mailer or moving on to your CTA

Avoid words which trigger span and use words which trigger opnes

Segment your email List

Marketers who segment their lists lure 18% more transactions, 24% more target leads, and 24% higher revenue. It is always a safe bet as well as a great time saver to target your email list and discard irrelevant recipients thereby increasing the chances of clicks as the mails reaching them makes sense to them

Segment your email lists

Test & measure continuously

All efforts are in vain if we fail to calculate which technique suits the best, hence measuring your success ratio is a must. Post testing rethink on all the strategies identifying best way to improve your open rates

A/B and other tests are vital along with measurement of campaign performance

We are sure you utilize some other neat hacks to optimize open and clickthrough rates for your campaigns. Feel free to leave your thoughts with us via comments below.

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