10 Posts That Help Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

The whole hue and cry is about creating that “something” worth those clicks that are on their way, those which are going to help us fetch our prospective dollars. What is it that makes people choose one link over other, one write up over the other and one snap over the other? We may have very juicy and magnetic content totally out of the league, but there is a cent per cent possibility that it may not draw expected traffic to the site or the blog. All because it lacks the basic essentials or new age factors that drives the audience towards you. The plethora of articles and blogs flashing out there on the internet is an absolute amaze in itself whereas creating a niche for yourself is another ball game all together.

Thus you look towards creating content that can drive more traffic to your blog or site. Well let us start by telling you that not all content types are created equal! Some are better than others in getting clickthroughs.

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s the worth of a video?

 We are aware of the kind of impact and pull pictures have over loaded text letters, now is the era of video. Crisp, precise and targeted. If you already have a space on YouTube and are posting videos there, it makes more sense to go ahead & embed them on the posts and blogs that you are publishing. You’ll be getting more views for your videos and increasing the time visitors spend on your blog

Gist or List?

No one has the time to read through long stories; they might as well just do a research in that amount of time. Using lists gives your readers a numbered summary and pointers for the whole topic which makes the job of both parties easier and relevant


Using graphs and pictures to represent long data and information is a good exercise. They are user friendly and make the assimilation of incorrigible statistics very simple. There are simple codes available to embed into your post and voila! Just add the descriptions and you set to roll

Drive the views with Interviews

Yes, this is the latest fad and one of the popular most choices, not only does it take the burden off your shoulders to create new content. It also lets you have the perspective of the viewers and cultivates greater interest levels. Try adding these in your posts in video or text formats, the interviews can be of anybody under the sun who can help you gather that attention and create the required link

It may be tension, but I still get your attention! Controversial Posts 

Another current method that’s a little unethical but that’s the way the world wants it, so why not give in. Pick a topic which is ought to catch fire and buzz and take a side strongly. Just make sure you are still aligned with the context you aim and be prepared for some fierce comments to come. The fire everyone likes to be at bay from, is sure to give you some hot views on your posts and their shares

Target views through Reviews 

Personal comments and reviews hold a huge importance in terms of gaining visibility. Offering a head to head comparison of things, services, products or for that matter anything which has a buzz in the market is a great way to pull the audience towards your website. The reason being that more often than not there are people out there o looking for a study like yours. Also be prepared to get some free hang bees of comments on your posts, as the name suggests it is RE- views.

Be My “Guest” Guest Posts

 The who’s who in your domain are always crowd pullers. It’s a time tested method to get an expert to write a piece for you and use his following and reputation to drive traffic to your blog. The moment something from a pro outside your  organization goes out on your space it becomes an instant puller for both his followers and your website’s followers. However, keeping a tab and account of what’s going to go live is also of utmost importance, after all it’s your world space of functioning

Punching meanings in one liners, Podcast

Publish just one line that says it all and gets them all. It is a very popular method of broadcasting what is required and the buzz spreads on its on. They’re a great way to build a passionate audience for your product or service. It can be used as a platform for both blogging and broadcasting your publishing essentials.


They are spot on, hilarious and instantly catchy. Handy tools are available on the web to make them like: quick meme and meme generators. The best thing about memes is that they can be adapted for use as per any niche requirement. Your niche is neither too narrow nor too abstruse to warrant its own meme, they hit off on any mood and are easy to grasp also making the viewer laugh

To do, to do, but “How to” do

This is the simplest and the popular most type of posting method, just title your post as “How to……” and there you go, the model is simple:  Introduce the problem. Introduce the solution. Discuss each step of the solution. Summarize the discussion. Provide a conclusion. You can not get more specific as to what you are hitting at. This method also gives you an unmatched advantage of driving searches towards your article and post when he has googled in a search query titled the same as yours

All said and done, the loop is still to be joined, these are just the methods and ways of directing more attention but the long and short of it still lies in the content and the worth of it. If you are clear of what content you want to target and to whom the rest shall be a click away using these types.

We would love to hear what works best for you and your reviews, after all both of yours and our intentions are aligned (wink).  Let’s start a chain right here and lets see how far we go wearing our spectator specs for a while.

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